Our Strategy

We approach SEO strategically in order to maximise the value of our service and ensure excellent return on investment for our clients. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are regularly introducing new features and improving their search quality through algorithm changes. Our SEO consultants keep up with the latest trends in the industry and closely monitor opportunities in various types of search verticals. In addition to classic search engine result pages (SERPs) your SEO strategy may cover product, image and video search, local search and temporal methods such as real time search and news results.

Brand Analysis

Initial brand analysis is integral part of any SEO campaign.In brand analysis we study the current position of the brand.

    Domain authority
    Website design analysis
    Inclusion of on page elements in website
    Webcontent look up
    Industry research
    Presence in social networks

Keyword Research

Keyword reasearch is one of high return activity in search engine optimization process. Right keywords will bring you high rerutns by getting the right visitors to the website and get high conversion rate. finding right keywords is an imoprtant and valuable task for any SEO analyst. Our SEO experts brings you the right keywords to optimize in your website to get the maximum returns from the visiting traffic.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is again one of the important task of SEo activity. We have to findout our competitors first then following are the activities we can look at:

    Best possible keywords
    Backlinking types
    Track the Social Media Activities
    The promotional activities

Our Clients

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